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SSD (Solid State Drives)

Solid State Drives

Rugged, fast and compact, Verbatim’s USB 3.0 External Solid State Drive (SSD) provides the latest in external data storage options. Verbatim USB 3.0 External SSD drives are ideal for users that demand maximum performance in data storage devices. Verbatim’s USB 3.0 External SSDs handle large data transfers quickly and are ideal for video editing, interchanging large amounts of data, or maximizing gaming performance. All Verbatim External Solid State Drives are compatible with USB 2.0 ports.

Available in both SATA II and SATA III interfaces, Verbatim Internal Solid State Drives provide ultra-fast data transfer rates, faster system boot-up, shut down, and system responsiveness. Verbatim’s Internal SSDs are the ideal hard drive replacements for users seeking a performance and reliability upgrade.  Verbatim Internal SSDs contain no moving parts, resulting in greater mechanical stability and reliability, increased shock resistance, silent operation, and reduced power consumption for increased battery life.


Start Time - The SSD has no mechanical parts, while the HDD takes time for the disc to begin to rotate.
Consistent performance - Read performance of SSDs is consistent, regardless of location of the data, while the HDD performance may vary depending on the location of information on the disk.
Reliability - Having no mechanical parts makes the possibility of a Verbatim SSD failure minimal, while the HDD tend to fail over time due to wear or damage to the moveable parts.
Power consumption - Verbatim SSDs generally consume 1/2 to 1/3 less energy required by a traditional HDD, which needs extra power to spin the disc to read / write data.

Sound - The SSD operates silently, while the HDD usually make noise due to spinning disc.

Durability - The SSD is not susceptible to damage from vibration, shock, or magnetic fields, while HDDs contain fragile parts that can be damaged by a drop or rough handling.


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