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Verbatim® to Offer Enterprise Grade 50GB BD-R for Archive

Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato-ku Tokyo; president: Shigenori Otsuka; hereinafter "Mitsubishi Kagaku Media") will release an Enterprise Grade 50GB recordable Blu-ray DiscTM (BD-R) for Archive toward the end of January. The Enterprise Grade 50GB BD-R for Archive is a recordable Blu-ray DiscTM for long-term storage, intended for professional applications involving long-term storage for ten or more years, including digital archiving of public documents, administrative documents, library materials, etc. as well as data storage for businesses and the like.

This Enterprise Grade 50GB BD-R for Archive can record data in optimal conditions with the support of a specialized drive system, achieving outstanding initial recording characteristics. The recording characteristics of this Enterprise Grade 50GB BD-R for Archive match those of PIONEER CORPORARION's “BDR-PR1”, Professional BD-Drive with self-checking function. Also, the "BDR-PR1" is supported for Blu-ray archives in professional applications with Epson Sales Japan Corporation's “PP-7050BD” disc duplicator, which has a built-in drive that is optimized for duplicators. One of the most important factors affecting long-term storage stability is initial signal characteristics. When writing at high quality using a specialized drive that matches the recording characteristics of archival discs for professional use, the recording quality is guaranteed in its initial state.
With Enterprise Grade 50GB BD-R for Archive, in accelerated testing using the Arrhenius method, the results for projected life showed that data could be read even after fifty years or more in storage conditions at room temperature 25°C and 80% relative humidity.[1] Also, with Enterprise Grade 50GB BD-R for Archive, data will not be immediately destroyed even if the disc temporarily comes into contact with a harsh environment[2], for instance; when the disc is damaged by immersion in water or saltwater (5%)[3] or exposure to high temperatures and high humidity (80°C/80% RH), low temperatures (-40°C ),[4] corrosive environmental gases,[5]etc.
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media will continue to develop and manufacture Enterprise Grade Discs for Archive at its own plants. In fact, the manufacturing lines at Mitsubishi Kagaku Media's plants are managed at RSER[6] and burst error[7] standards are stricter than those for ordinary products. In addition, strict product controls are in place for shipment from the plant, the probability of data playback defects is reduced to a minimum, and recording quality in the initial state, which greatly affects long-term storage, is guaranteed.
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media has accumulated over twenty years of technical know-how regarding recordable optical discs as digital storage media, starting with CD-R, and has a track record of reliability for long-term storage. Also, optical discs are also media suitable for long-term storage because they do not require electricity to store, making them low in cost and in environmental burden, and because as a general rule it is not possible to tamper with recordable discs, because recordable optical discs are true write-once media. The Enterprise Grade 50GB BD-R for Archive was designed as an optical disc with characteristics optimized for long-term storage.
Furthermore, we plan to release a Enterprise Grade 100GB BD-R BDXL™ for Archive within this year in order to offer archival discs that meet the varied needs of our customers.
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media is there therefore striving to provide a comfortable environment for the people, society and the earth.

[1] There are the results of projected life testing following the Arrhenius method. A disc recorded with an evaluation signal was subject to accelerated testing at 60°C/ 80% RH, 70°C/ 80% RH, 80°C/ 80% RH. After the accelerated testing, the projected life was calculated by measuring the number of digital signal errors occurring during playback.
[2] Storage in such environments is not recommended. Playback is performed after wiping away dirt that adhered to the surface of the disk during testing. It is recommended that data that can be played back after recovery processing be immediately backed up.
[3] After 250 hours of immersion, the disc was removed without scratching it and played back after careful drying.
[4] Several hundred hours without condensation or sudden changes in temperature or humidity.
[5] Corrosive environmental gas (H²S, SO²), concentration 12.5- 25 ppm. 25°C/ 75% RH, 96 hours.
[6] Abbreviation for Random Symbol Error Rate. This is the BD error rate measured by excluding burst errors of more than 40 bytes in length.
[7] These are errors produced locally by media defects, scratches, dirt, etc.

About Verbatim
Verbatim is a global brand of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media sold in over 120 countries worldwide, with the largest market share* of the recordable optical disc sold worldwide by brand for six consecutive years. Verbatim was born in 1969 in the State of California in the United States. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (known as Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation at that time), the parent company of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, purchased Verbatim in 1990. LED light bulbs with the Verbatim brand first went on sale in Europe in September 2010, and can now also be found in the US, Australia, and Japan. Sample kits for OLED lighting have been sold under the VELVE brand since April 2011.
* 2005-2010; the largest market share of the recordable CD/DVD/BD sold worldwide by brand for six consecutive years (according to the SCCG/JRIA data)

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Yukana Yamashita
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd.
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Fax: [+81] 3-5484-8224

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