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Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard FAQs

General Compatibility

Question: Which devices is the Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard compatible for use with?

  • iPhone, iPad, iPad2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab™
  • Motorola Xoom™
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Any Tablet with HID Keyboard support and Bluetooth™ connectivitiy

Question: What is needed for the keyboard to operate with a Tablet (iOS, Android, WebOS, QNX or otherwise)?
Both Bluetooth and HID support are required. Even if a tablet has Bluetooth capability, without the inclusion of HID support the keyboard will not operate.

Question: Are there any restrictions when using the Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard with different Tablet, or otherwise, operating systems?
Due to there being several different operating systems on Tablet devices (iOS, Android, QNX, WebOS) and each operating system uses different scan codes when operating with a keyboard there are some hot keys which may or may not work with your device. These are listed in the Hot Keys Compatibility Table. Note, all other regular keys will operate as normal.

Mobile Phones

Question: Why does Verbatim not list Android Mobile Phone device compatibility?
When discussing compatibility with Mobile Phones, HID keyboard support is very much device & wireless carrier dependant. The support is fragmented too much to be able to say for certain, without continuous testing of every device on every wireless carrier. This is not feasible given the number of devices, continuous updates and changes to device availability etc.

Question: If I do not know whether or not my Android or otherwise Mobile Phone does not have HID support what should I do?
Contact your device maker or wireless carrier to ask if HID keyboard support is included on your phone. Alternatively forums discussing your phone or the Android operating system may make reference to other end user experiences. Search for terms online such as “HTC Thunderbolt HID Support” or “HTC Thunderbolt Android HID support”

Question: If my Mobile Phone does not include HID support but I bought a Verbatim Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard what can I do?
There are 3rd party software companies developing applications, for at least the Android operating system, to include HID support. One example is BlueInput from Teksoft. Find information through Teksoft is not affiliated with Verbatim and Verbatim does not provide support for any 3rd party applications such as BlueInput.

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