Less Means More.
In our continuous effort to decrease our environmental impact, Verbatim introduced new Memory Card and Store ‘N’ Go USB drive packaging. This new packaging design uses 11.5% less plastic, paper and corrugated material, while still communicating necessary product information to our consumers.

Size Does Matter.
We reviewed each of our products to optimize packaging size and material use. Here are some of the changes we made to further reduce our environmental impact:

  • Right-sized product packaging for our optical product line
  • Condensed packing material for HDD product line
  • Introduced new packing material for small toner products

A Perfect Fit.
Product fit within final consumer packaging is important, but even more important is the fit of product within secondary packaging. It is this packaging that ensures that product arrives to consumers intact, and undamaged. However, a lot of material can go into making sure that secondary packaging is secure and provides adequate product protection. All of Verbatim’s products have been reviewed for fit within sub-cartons, master cartons, pallets and shipping containers to guarantee that we are maximizing products per container, carton or pallet – effectively managing not only safe arrival to retail, but minimizing the amount of shipping materials required.

It All Adds Up.
Adding up all of these changes across all of our product lines, the environmental results are significant. Verbatim will save an estimated:

  • 33.9 tons of plastic
  • 22.316 tons of paper
  • 65.255 tons of corrugated board over the next year*
  • Environmentally this equates to an annual savings** of:
  • 648 barrels of oil
  • 30,035 gallons of gasoline
  • 3,757 million BTU of Greenhouse Gas released

    * Based on Verbatim sales for 2007
    ** Based on EPA’s Waste Reduction Model
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