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LightScribe is a disc labeling technology that sets a standard for disc labeling by using the CD or DVD drive’s laser to burn text and graphics directly onto the label side of specially coated discs. Labels are professional looking, high quality (similar to silkscreen), easy to create, low cost and durable.

What is LightScribe
LightScribe media technology allows users to burn professional, silkscreen-quality labels directly onto their discs and comes in several formats; including CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD+R DL. The three elements of the LightScribe system are designed to work together seamlessly: LightScribe hardware, software, and media give you great looking, customized labels for your CDs and DVDs – wherever and whenever you need them.
Hardware. LightScribe-enabled drives recognize and read special LightScribe media to ensure precise, consistent imaging on the disc surface for sharp, detailed labels.
Software. LightScribe-enabled software from your favorite software companies makes it easy to create disc labels-using your own text, photos, or designs.
Media. A thin dye coating on the label side of LightScribe discs absorbs laser light, which triggers a chemical reaction to give you a silkscreen-quality reproduction of your artwork, text, or photos.
How does it work?
LightScribe media allows users to burn custom labels directly to the disc using the same laser that burns data in the disc drive. It’s this simple: burn your data as usual, flip the disc over, reinsert it into the drive and burn a precise and permanent iridescent label. No need for a printer.
Will LightScribe media labels fade or scratch?
LightScribe CD-R and LightScribe DVD labels are inherently durable. The disc’s image-ready coating is an integral part of its make-up, providing long-lasting, scratch resistant labels.
Want even more creative flexibility?
Consider color LightScribe media. Packaged with a 5-color background assortment (green, blue, orange, red and yellow) these colorful discs allow users to further customize their media to suit your personal taste. This technology is available for LightScribe CD-R and LightScribe DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+R DL formats.
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