About Verbatim

Brand Evolution

As from June 2024, Verbatim will be using a new logo and branding on all marketing touchpoints. Our new logo is designed to be modern, clean, and highly legible across all digital platforms. Alongside the wordmark is the new ‘vision’ symbol, a contemporary interpretation of our iconic 'V.' Inspired by the concept of ‘wings,’ it combines sharp edges and soft curves to convey movement and energy. The color scheme has transitioned from the traditional red and blue of the previous Verbatim logo to a warm coral red. This new color not only modernizes our brand but is also optimized for digital use, enhancing its appeal and functionality.

Accompanying our brand mark, is the new tagline: ‘Anywhere. Everyday.’ This encapsulates the essence of Verbatim's product offerings, fostering a positive connection to our consumers' daily lives. By emphasizing reliability and trust, we reinforce our commitment to being an integral part of our customers' everyday experiences.


Our Story

At Verbatim, we believe that technology is about improving your everyday life. For over 50 years, we have worked to build a future that seamlessly integrates technology in ways that improve how people everywhere live, work and play.

Verbatim first made its name as a pioneer in the development of floppy disks and optical media technology. We have drawn upon that technological legacy to develop an extensive selection of data storage devices, computer peripherals and accessories, and gaming solutions. All of these product lines are renowned throughout their industries for exceptional quality, performance, and reliability. Today, we continuously reach toward the potential of tomorrow. By partnering with other technology leaders, we are developing and introducing products you can rely on to make your life more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable – anywhere, everyday.

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