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Make sure your media is secure and backed up with Verbatim's digital hard drive solutions. Our hard drives have a wide range of capabilities: Portable, Desktop and for Network storage. Our drives also support Firewire, eSATA and USB 2.0
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Portable hard drives are one of the fastest-growing computer peripheral product lines. Why? Some people want a portable hard drive in order to create additional file storage space for a computer that lacks extensive internal storage, especially for laptops and netbooks. Others use a portable external hard drive for backing up files and archiving so they are ultra-secure in case of computer failure.

But why choose a portable drive over a desktop drive? There are many reasons, including:

  • A portable hard drive does not require an external power source
  • A portable hard drive is great for on-the-go; it is small enough to carry with you and often designed to be rugged for transporting
  • Portable hard drives can be easily used by multiple PC’s for file sharing
  • A portable hard drive allows for scheduled automatic backups of files
  • A portable drive allows for quick and easy archiving of data

No External Power Source
Portable external hard drives, in industry terms, are called “plug-and-play.” Users simply connect the drive to a USB or Firewire port, and are ready to start dragging and dropping files. There is no need for an additional power source, unlike a desktop hard drive unit.

Great for On-the-Go Use
Ideally, compact portable hard drives can travel with you. Many come in fashionably-thin styles and often have a rugged casing that can withstand accidental drops. Slip a USB portable hard drive into your laptop case or even your pocket—they are THAT small.

File Sharing
If you work with large files, a portable hard drive is a great place to save them. Move from home to office or even desk-to-desk at work and easily manipulate and save files. Just be sure to use the same type of computer. It is NOT recommended to switch between Macs and PCs once you have formatted your portable hard drive.

Automatic Backups
Portable hard drives hold large amounts of information and allow you to schedule regular backups automatically – that’s one less thing you have to remember. Often, USB portable hard drives feature backup software that can be setup once and forgotten about!

Need a compact portable hard drive?
Verbatim offers an impressive assortment with a 7-year industry-leading warranty.


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