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Optical Media

Optical discs are a data storage media that holds content in digital form; these discs are written and read by a laser often found in your computer. Sounds complicated? Not really – optical media is just a fancy way of saying CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray.

Verbatim is known as the No. 1 Optical Brand in the World – consistently providing media storage solutions of the highest quality and compatibility. When drive manufacturers test their products for maximum performance, they use Verbatim optical media – so why wouldn’t you?

Hardware manufacturers require every data storage media brand to submit identification codes and samples of their products so the drives they create can recognize common brands of media storage. Verbatim has, and remains one of the first media companies to consistently submit samples to manufacturers.
The result: Verbatim data storage media is used as the industry spec delivering high-speed performance, the highest reliability, and the best playback compatibility with market drives.
   Verbatim Proprietary Technologies
Mitsubishi Chemical Media (MCM) Verbatim’s parent company in Japan, brings extensive technological research and development to the company’s product lines. Core technologies, like our AZO recording layer, our HardCoat finish, our patented SERL layer, and our Double Layer media give Verbatim media storage solutions the competitive advantage.
This unique and ultra-stable layer strongly resists UV light, withstands high laser and rotation speeds on newer drives, and ensures compatibility with current storage media DVD standards. What does that mean for you? Verbatim AZO technology translates into products that offer reliability, high read and write performance, high-quality photo and sound storage, and superior archival protection that lasts generations.
   HardCoat Finish
The Verbatim proprietary HardCoat finish adds extra protection from scratches and fingerprints, making our discs more scratch resistant than a standard disc.
This patented layer on storage media DVD-RW and CD-RW discs allows consistent overwriting performance (up to 1,000 times) without sacrificing superb archival life.
   Superior DVD+R DL Technology
Verbatim set the standard in quality with its Double Layer (DL) media. We are consistently ranked by users and DVD manufacturers alike as the best DL media storage available, especially in terms of reliability and drive compatibility.
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