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Hard Drives

Want to ensure your file security? Then you need an external hard drive! External hard drives come in two types—portable and desktop. Verbatim offers an impressive assortment of both—your needs determine the best fit. Also, for those wanting a hard drive with additional capabilities, Verbatim features home network storage and network storage drives for professionals.

Portable Hard Drives
In general, portable hard drives are small in size and do not require an external power source. You just plug the drive into your desktop or laptop via a USB or Firewire cable and the drive is active. Ideally, portable external hard drives can travel with you. These USB portable hard drives allow you take your files anywhere.

Verbatim’s portable hard drive product offerings are exceptionally reliable and fashionably thin. You can effortlessly preserve your vital files and access them on the go!

Desktop Hard Drives

Desktop hard drives tend to be larger in size and require an external power source. Once attached to your desktop computer or laptop via a USB or Firewire cable, and plugged into a wall outlet, the drive will be active. The main benefit to the desktop drive is its size, allowing for a larger amount of storage. Desktop hard drives are commonly built with 1TB or 2 TB of memory.

Verbatim’s desktop hard drives offer high capacities that deliver outstanding quality, performance, and reliability. Great for saving photos, videos, games and all types of multimedia files—these desktop drives are available with a number of interface options, including USB 3.0 and USB 2.0!
Both Verbatim’s portable and desktop hard drives are backed by a 7-year industry-leading warranty.

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