Verbatim offers an extensive line of innovative, reliable and affordable computer accessories. Both wired and wireless keyboards and mice offer stylish, yet functional design for work or play at home or in the office.
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Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of simply using the keyboard that comes standard with your desktop computer. Keyboards today offer a selection of features for home or office use—such as integrated dual speakers that provide stereo-quality sound, media consoles that let you play and navigate through your music and specialty internet browser controls for an improved internet surfing experience.

Keyboards are input devices. An input device is any peripheral or computer hardware that’s used to control signals to your computer. Mice, keyboards, scanners and even gaming controllers are all considered input devices or peripherals.
Keyboards are divided into two main categories based on input method. These categories are:
  • Wired keyboards
  • Wireless keyboards
Wired Keyboards
A wired keyboard means there is a wire connecting your keyboard to your computer. At the end of the wire is a USB plug that goes into a USB port on your computer. Wired keyboards are extremely reliable—there is little that could go wrong with this direct connection.
The one drawback to having a wired keyboard is that your distance is limited between the keyboard and your computer; you can only have your keyboard as far from your desktop or laptop as the wire length. Also, wires can clutter your desktop. If you are looking for something sleek, you might consider a wireless keyboard.
Wireless Keyboards
A wireless keyboard works just like a wireless mouse; you plug a receiver into one of the USB ports on your computer. The receiver then sends a signal to your battery-powered keyboard. Keep in mind, wireless USB keyboards do have a limited range and some must be within the line of sight of your receiver, depending on the type of signal it uses. Also, if your cordless keyboard starts acting sluggish, it probably requires new batteries.

Wireless keyboards present a specific benefit to the consumer. First, wireless USB keyboards reduce wire-clutter on your desk. Also, you aren’t tied to your desk—you can type from your couch, your kitchen table or even while seated on your living room floor! Some keyboards come in a set with a wireless keyboard and mouse. This is an added bonus since computer use is no longer limited to your office.

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