Verbatim offers an extensive line of innovative, reliable and affordable computer accessories. Both wired and wireless keyboards and mice offer stylish, yet functional design for work or play at home or in the office.
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Verbatim offers a wide array of mice to meet your every need— whether you are navigating through documents, surfing the net or even gaming! Verbatim has a full line of notebook and desktop mice, offered in wired, wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity. Features include nano receivers, multi-speed settings, 2.4 GHz technology, tilt wheel scrolling, programmable buttons, adjustable height options, and more. From a wireless notebook mouse to the mini wireless mouse, Verbatim has the perfect solution for any computer setup.

What should I look for when buying a mouse?
Consider the following choices when buying a mouse to ensure it best meets your computing needs:

  • Do I want a desktop, notebook or portable (mini) mouse?
  • Is it wired, wireless or Bluetooth?
  • Do I want optical or laser?

Desktop, Notebook or Portable?
Desktop, notebook and portable refer to the industry-terms used to describe mouse size. In general, the desktop mouse is designed to work with a desktop computer and is the largest in size. A notebook mouse is slightly smaller than a desktop mouse and is most often preferred by laptop users. Finally, there are portable options, mini mice, great for traveling, smaller hands (including children) or netbook users.

Wired, Wireless or Bluetooth?
A wired mouse plugs directly into the USB port on your laptop, keyboard, docking station or computer. Usually the cord length is sufficient for navigating within the area around your desktop. This mouse does not have batteries; it obtains power from your host device.

A USB wireless mouse is cordless. A receiver attached to your computer or laptop transmits to the actual mouse. USB receivers are available in a variety of sizes, with a nano receiver being the smallest. The USB wireless mouse itself generally has an on/off switch and is operated by battery.

A Bluetooth mouse works well with Apple products or any Bluetooth-enabled laptop; it has no cords and no receivers—nothing that gets in the way. The Bluetooth mouse syncs with the laptop computer via a speedy set-up, similar to other Bluetooth devices.

Optical or Laser?

The laser mouse is the most sensitive mouse available to computer users. It uses a laser in place of the LED light source found in a standard optical mouse. The laser tends to use less power and is ultra-sensitive to movement—so, delays in on-screen mouse movement are rare.

Laser mice offer greater flexibility—they work on nearly every surface, including wooden desktops. Optical mice have some difficulty tracking on black and shiny surfaces, while wireless laser mice perform well.


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