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MediaShare Firmware Update 2.000.040


MediaShare User Manual for Android
MediaShare User Manual for iOS
MediaShare User Manual for Kindle
MediaShare Wireless Quick Start Guide
MediaShare Wireless Setup Guide

Support articles

Can I install an SD card and a USB flash drive at the same time?
Can I use MediaShare on an airplane?
I am having difficulty removing unwanted folders. What should I do?
Help! I've forgotten my MediaShare Wireless password.
I am trying to transfer a movie file to my tablet, it started to transfer but it did not complete. What is the reason for this?
I am trying to transfer files to/from my MediaShare Wireless device and cannot do so?
I am using an Android mobile device. What video file types can I play using MediaShare?
I can't find the Verbatim-XXXX device on my list of wireless devices?
I cannot find my MediaShare Wireless device showing up as a WiFi location on my Apple or Android device.
I have a USB 3.0 flash drive. Will it work with MediaShare?
I have checked your web site and have found a firmware update file, but I don’t know if it is a newer version than the one I am already using. How can I find out my current firmware version?
I have copied photographs from my SD card to my iPad but I cannot see them when I open the Photos app, where are they?
I have just successfully updated the firmware in my MediaShare. Can I now delete the firmware file from the root directory of my SD card?
I noticed that the power LED light is illuminated when I have a USB device connected even though the MediaShare Wireless is powered down, why is this?
I'm getting excessive buffering on video playback. What can I do?
Is there any internal storage space for user data inside MediaShare?
My iPad Mini occasionally loses connection with the MediaShare Wireless and reconnects to another network. What should I do?
My MediaShare Wireless app occasionally hangs, or I am unable to see new content which has been copied to my device/SD Card/USB attached storage. What should I do?
One of my videos won't play. What's wrong?
What's the effective distance of the WiFi connection for the MediaShare Wireless Device?
Which Wi-Fi channels are used in my region?
Will the battery in MediaShare supply enough power for my bus-powered USB hard drive?

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