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USB Drives

USB drives are known by a myriad of names, including thumb drives (since the most common size is that of your thumb), jump drives and flash drives. USB drives are currently available in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0!

These small plug-and-play drives are removable, re-writable, and great for storing personal and professional data, as many are hardware-encrypted devices for ultimate security. USB flash drives come in colors, styles, and capacities that suit all age groups and demographics—from the fashionista to the technophile!

If you’re trying to decide what type of USB drive best suits your needs, you should consider the following:

  • What capacity do I need?
  • What size would work best for my lifestyle?
  • Do I need a drive pre-loaded with software?

What capacity do I need?
Capacity most often determines the cost of your USB drive. The most common sizes found on the market today range from 4GB to 64GB—with larger sizes coming to market everyday! If you plan to use your USB drive for moving files from one computer to another and the files are rather small, such as documents or low resolution images, start at the lower-end capacities. If you plan to move or store larger documents, including graphics, videos, games or other multimedia files, the larger the size the better. In general, it is best to get the largest capacity you can find within your price range.

What size would work best for my lifestyle?
USB thumb drives come in a range of product sizes—the smallest (such as the Verbatim Store 'n' Stay USB Drive) being the size of a penny and the largest about the size of your thumb. Almost all USB jump drives have a hook on them so you can secure them to a keychain or lanyard. For kids, a larger-sized drive is probably the best choice so they don’t lose their USB drive at school or in the bottom of a backpack. For adults, attaching a tiny or small jump drive to your keychain ensures you have a drive on-the-go.

Do I need a drive pre-loaded with software?
Some USB 2.0 flash drives come pre-loaded with software. Others are simply a drive without any bells or whistles—you just drag and drop files. Drives pre-loaded with software often offer advanced file security. The software allows you to create public and private zones with password protection. This software, typically designed for PCs only (although Verbatim does offer one made specifically for Mac) is preferred in situations when the drive is frequently shared. Government agencies and companies with sensitive information might want drives with specialized encryption software.

Whether you require a basic storage drive with up to 64GB of capacity, a fashionable or trendy drive, a durable, micro-portable form-factor drive or a drive with enhanced security features, Verbatim has a product for you!

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