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Water Filtration

Introducing Verbatim Water Filtration

Verbatim invites you to experience the benefits of great tasting water. Our line of water filtration products features a unique combination of ceramics, activated carbon and our proprietary hollow-fiber membrane technology to remove contaminants from water while allowing beneficial minerals to remain.

NSF Certified and BPA-Free, Verbatim Water Filtration products deliver crisp, clear, great-tasting water – every time. Improving not only the taste of your water for drinking, but cooking, brewing tea or coffee, making lemonade, and so much more!

Let's Get Technical

All Verbatim Water Filtration Products feature a unique hollow-fiber membrane filtration technology. Developed by Mitsubishi Rayon, the hollow-fiber membrane is made of ultra-fine polyethylene, providing an extra level of filtration for your water.

Want to see the power of Verbatim Water Filtration in action? Check out our video.