CD-Recordable and CD-Re-Writable media are ideal for backing-up digital audio files, images and other data. Verbatim CD-R and CD-RW media are available in a variety of formats, allowing you to find discs that suit your needs.
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CD Re-Writable (CD-RW) discs store up to 700MB of data or 80 minutes of CD-quality audio on a single disc. Verbatim CD-RW discs utilize a super-eutectic phase-change recording layer, which ensures durability and readability at higher rewrite speeds. The CD-RW disc differs from a standard CD-R disc in that it allows for data and media files to be re-written to the disc up to 1,000 times, while CD-R discs allow only for write-once functionality. 

Can I record over audio/data stored on a CD-RW?
Yes. CD Re-Writable discs allow you to re-write data or media files up to 1,000 times – without errors. These discs provide flexibility and the ability to store important data files as they change through updates and added information.
Can I play a CD-RW in my regular CD player?
No. CD-RW discs require multi-read CD or DVD drives for playback.
Want to personalize your CD-Rewritable discs?
Verbatim offers a variety of products that allow you to create customized CD’s to suit your personal taste. Consider these options:
  • Colors – Featuring a 5-color variety of discs in color-matched ultra-slim jewel cases
  • Inkjet Printable – Create professional, edge-to-edge labels using your inkjet disc printer. CD-RW inkjet printable discs from Verbatim are available with a shiny silver surface.
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