Verbatim manufacturers optical disc storage media in DVD format (Digital Video Disc / Digital Versatile Disc). Recordable media includes DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM
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DVD R DL (DVD+R Double Layer and DVD-R Dual Layer) discs have two AZO™ recording layers on a single-sided disc, providing nearly double the storage capacity of standard DVD R discs. DVD R DL can hold 8GB or approximately 4 hours of DVD quality video on a single disc. 

Can I record over video/audio/data stored on a DVD R DL disc?
No. DVD R DL discs are dual layer DVD’s designed for one-time recording. 
Do DVD R DL discs require a special DVD burner?
Yes. DVD R DL discs require double layer writers for recording. Verbatim DVD R DL are approved for high speed burning, up to 6X speed, allowing you to store up to 8.5GB of video in approximately 16 minutes.
Will a DVD R DL play in my regular DVD player?
Yes. Verbatim DVD R DL discs are compatible with most DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives.
What is AZO™ Technology?
AZO™ recording dye is a patented technology, which provides the highest level of read/write performance, reliability and archival life for your DVD Recordable media.
Want to create custom labels for your DVD R DL?
Verbatim offers several products that allow you to create customized DVD’s to suit your personal taste. Consider these options:
  • LightScribe – Using the same laser you use to burn your data, burn silk-screen quality disc labels directly to your disc – no printer required.
  • Inkjet Printable – Create professional, edge-to-edge labels using your inkjet disc printer.


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